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Vermont Mountains, Hot Air Balloons, and Covered Bridges Continued

After watching the morning Balloon launch we headed back to Silver Lake for breakfast. We decided there was no really plan for the day and headed out for a VT 6 Gaps ride I had on the GPS.

Locals (I assume) tubing in the river. They are hard to see but they are in there. I was pretty jealous too, about every river we passed by that weekend looked prime for swimming, tubing and every other shenanigan a person could think of. Not to mention there everywhere, the only thing I imagine you would have to watch out for is all the dams.

More locals doing some sun bathing/swimming. I would like to point out that it was barely 80 degrees out and we still had the liners in our mesh jackets. Also that water had to be pretty cold but New Englanders' will swim in about anything as long as theirs no ice on top of it. I don't think I would have been in that water though.

So my crouching Tiger is waiting for us back on the edge of the road. A much steeper edge than this picture really shows. About 3 ft to the right of the bike was the a pretty steep rock drop off down to the river. She looks pretty good too but may have gotten a little tired while waiting for us in beautiful Vermont. Not to mention all the hard work she had been doing hauling us and our camping gear around for the weekend.

When getting on the bike and I ended up going right over. Luckily for me I didn't park any farther to the right too. As the handlebars landed less than a foot from the edge of the bank. I looked at Mrs. Waffles and could see the shock on her face even all geared up. It was the first time I had dropped the bike, on accident.

I got up and waited a few seconds to see if she is going to help me pick the bike up, I got response. I took a second to regain my pride and muscled her back up. The bike came out just fine, it landed on the bar end and saddle bag. The bag had a few scratches in it but that's the reason I leave them on, plus they provide more protection two up.

Also thanks to the two other bikers out there who saw the whole thing as they passed. They turn around up the road and came back in case I needed any help to pick her up. I think they were pretty surprised I did it by myself but if it was loaded I doubt I would have had the room and ability to do so.

Moving on with the rest of the day hoping to not do that again.

Feeling hungry we decided to bail on the gaps ride and head South for only the worthiest of burger, at The Worthy Burger. I had heard good things about The Worrthy Buger and Mrs. Waffles loves a good burger more than me. I figured it would be worth the detour and it was.

After lunch we headed back North to the famous Vermont floating bridge. I wish it was still open to traffic, as its not everyday you get to ride across a floating bridge.

Next we headed to Allis State Park. Upon arrival Mrs. Waffles and I had another good laugh. Shes not a big fan of riding dirt/gravel roads yet. We had been riding on them for a half hour or more going all over the place till we got to the park. When we stopped at the gatehouse she told me, the whole time she didn't think we were going anywhere, let along a state park.

View from the park's fire tower

Later that night we headed back out to see the hot air balloons launch before sunset. We scoped out a different place than earlier that morning, hoping for a better/different view of balloons.

It was a pretty good view itself. While waiting for the Balloons to launch I snapped a few pics.

Its turned out to be the perfect place to watch the hot air balloons. They ended going right above us and all around. Not bad considering it was our first time to the festival.

This balloon ended up about 4ft above the water then took back off again.

The next morning we headed towards home stopping at the Quechee Gorge.

View from atop Mt. Ascutney.

All morning it looked like it could rain on us at any moment. We stop for lunch and checked the radar. There was thick rain all around us, so we decided to slab it home. It only sprinkled, not to bad way to end the weekend.
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