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Day 3- Mississippi- ~235 miles

We have learned to gas up and be ready for an early start. It is cooler in the morning. This includes doing any bike maintenance like oiling the chain and checking the bolts for tightness. I found a loose handlebar riser bolt.

We did not have a 17mm wrench, so….

Our first stop in the morning was here:

These old gas station garages are getting very rare. It is a shame, because they really service travellers in need. This was Tracy’s place and he was no exception. He tossed me a 17 mm wrench, let us air up our tires and refused any payment. We talked a bit about our trip, said “thank you” many times, and were on our way.

This sign from earlier in our trip says it all

Mississippi, like Tennessee, is all your favorite back roads, gravel roads, stream crossings and dirt roads rolled into a multiday ride fest. Points of interest are few and far between. These days are about the ride.

Some POI’s:

Gas anyone?

This was an exceptionally large home, left to the elements. I think Sam had this listed in the roll chart as a place to stay…

Kudzo for miles:

I think it will overgrow Mississippi soon.

Here is a rare one horsepower three wheeler. If you look closely you will notice the horse is tied off to the trike.

Here was a piece of road debris that tried to take a bite out of my Husky. No such luck, the Husky spit it out with no damage.

Late in the day, Kirkster and I were curious about a large plume of smoke. We followed it to the source.

I am not sure why farmers do this. Does it make a fertilizer? Kill pests from the last harvest?

I need to end this with a word about gravel.

Deep gravel.

In deep gravel, your front brake is an enemy. Only use your back brake unless you know you are doomed anyway.

If you insist on sitting, PUSH evenly on the handlebars to go straight. Release pressure on one side of the handlebar to turn in that direction.

Standing is the best, period. The bike handles better with your weight on the foot pegs, rather than higher up on the seat. When standing, you can turn your bike by shifting your weight from peg to peg.

We stood on the pegs for hours today.

Later we need to talk about the advantages of having a GPS and a communication system. Hint- Safety!!

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