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We went to bed Monday night waiting for the rain to come. Well the weatherman nailed this one. It starting pouring overnight and didn't let up for the next two days. We packed up in the rain, lucky for me I learned from scottP last month at Rick's RDV how nice it is to pack in the rain under a tarp.

We rolled out of camp at 7:30, pouring rain, and 44 degrees. Lance(GSA_PILOT) laid out a route for us to Millinocket that would take us around Moosehead Lake and the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area. My GPS is the cheap non-waterproof Garmin from Campcook's car so I had to pack it away, my printed directions in the tank bag map holder quickly started getting wet so we couldn't use those either. Cool, now we can just ride.

I tried memorizing the directions a couple turns at a time. The first turn was about 30 miles out Route 4, after travelling for quite awhile I started feeling like we should have turned by now. We're pretty cold by this point, luckily we found this.

It's a laundry-mat, it's open and the heat is on. While I'm outside in the rain trying to get satellite reception on the GPS without getting it wet Campcook's taking advantage of the free heat.

GPS gets signal and tells us our turn is 1/2 mile ahead,

We get to the town of New Vineyard and we're cold again. It's still pouring, visibility sucks and neither of us are particularly enjoying this day on the bike and we still have 196 miles to go. If I tell Garmin to take us directly to Millinocket it's 118 miles. We hated to do it but we decided to bail on our original plan and bee-line to Millinocket.

The one bright spot of the day was Lance had told us we could not go to Maine without having a bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips and a red snapper hot dog. We took care of that along with another hot cup of coffee in North Anton. Thanks Lance.

We finally get to Pine Grove campground where we planned to pitch the tent along the East Branch of the Penobscot for $22. After the owner told us the tent area may be evacuated because the area was under a flood watch and he had a heated cabin for 52 bucks, we went with the cabin.

Got the Strom stuck in the mud so it had to spend the night out by the main road.

The plan for tomorrow, the weatherman will be wrong, the sun will be shining , and we'll be riding to Fort Kent.
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