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We wake up at 5am to what would normally be the pleasant sound of rain on the metal roof. It had rained all night and still hadn't let up. We laid there talking about how we really did not look forward to another day like yesterday.
We decide since the storm is moving north we'll make coffee and chill for a couple hours and maybe by then it will be out of here. Since we'll be getting a later start we have to turn back towards the coast before Fort Kent, maybe Ashland.

Two hours later and it hasn't let up. We decide to go down to the showers, buy a little time and maybe we'll only go as far as Knowles Corner before turning back towards Houlton and making our way down the coast.

When we told Jeff, the owner of the campground about our ever-changing plans he said he strongly recommended we forget about going north all together and just head for Calais. He told us with the poor visibility we weren't going to see anything anyway, including moose and he had hit three of them in the last five years totaling two cars. So that becomes the fourth and final plan for the day. We head out around eight, temps in the 40's, still raining, still foggy, and today the wind has started blowing but at least we're moving and hopefully riding towards better weather.

The big thing I wanted to do in Maine was eat lobster and try a lobster roll like I'd seen pictures of in other ride reports. We roll into Calais, the weather still hasn't improved but I see a sign in front of a little roadside place advertising lobster rolls. It's time for a stop. We walk in and the guy asks, "do you want it with mayonnaise or sauteed in butter
". Well we don't know what we want, we had no idea there were options so we had one of each.

We were only 30 miles from where we would be camping in Eastport that evening. Lance had told us about Seaview campground but we didn't want to pitch a tent in the rain anymore than we did the night before. We found a place in Eastport overlooking Harris Cove that has cottages and hotel rooms.
After warm showers and a change of dry clothes we go in search of Supper.

Down on the water we find Quoddy Bay Lobster Pound.


The lady inside told us the best value was the twin 1lb lobster dinner, I said sounds good we'll take 2 dinners. When we got back to our table Rhonda says, "you know you just ordered four lobsters, right?". Oops, now we've got to eat four lobsters, my bad.

Tally for the day: Four lobsters and two lobster rolls.

Hey, we're on vacation.

Tomorrow we'll ride along the Maine coastline and maybe see some sunshine.

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