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Originally Posted by LifeScribe View Post
Thanks for the feedback folks....Went to drive the '07 today and realized that the bike is too small for me. Seems the owner has the shorter seat on it and I can't safely ride it-- dealer said it will take a few weeks to get a taller seat in, so for now I'll pass. Looked at another one at the dealer '02-- and was told I'm a bit too tall for the bike.

Thinking I'll now look at a KLR.
How tall are you? I'm 6'4"/250lbs and I can ride my wife's F650GS just fine. Granted, I would like the tall "dakar" seat for it to really be comfy on it, but even then, its not terrible. I just throw the Air Hawk on there along with some Rox Risers and it gets me enough leg room and arm room to be very comfy. I did a 10 day dual sport trip on her bike last year and had a blast. My wife is only 5'4" and petite so hers is setup for a small person, but really I would find it hard to believe that anyone is "too big" for that bike with just a few mods. She has the regular seat and short seat, so I know the short seat can be snug for a tall person, but its not the end of the world. Use F650GS seats come up here pretty often. Just find a "tall dakar" seat.

Having owned a KLR and spent lots of time on the F650GS, the F650GS single is way better on the road and really right there with the KLR off road. They don't even compare in on road comfort.

Have you thought about the F650GS Dakar model? You get the taller suspension, generally the taller seat, and 18/21 wheels just like the KLR for more off road worthiness, but just as good on the road as the standard F650GS.
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