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Goodbye Tassie, but "I'll Be Back" thats for sure!

Enough of the sooky la la pain and suffering, lets ride!!!

Our return date to the mainland Australia was looming. We had to get going. Happily, Hydro had kept himself entertained with day trips out and about on his bike from Queenstown, sometimes teaming up with the 3 lads on their sports bikes we had been constantly 'leap frogging' from town to town.

With me dosed up we rode north to Wynyard away from the west coast I so dearly wanted to explore. I don't really need any excuses to return to Tasmania to ride. This amazing bikers heaven, playground, racetrack what ever you want to refer to it as will lure you back time and time again. At this moment I remember the several conversations had on the ferry across from Melbourne talking to much older bikers. Me like a new sponge taking it all in, listening to advice, places to check out, roads to ride. These crew were coming back year after year and I can see why.

The roads are second to none in quality, it was like they laid the bitumen 6 months ago. Potholes seen were joked about in their rarity. The surreal road conditions were explained to me possibly due to the cooler weather experienced and the tar not melting leaving it to be susceptible to heavy traffic wear and tear. The twisting climbs and descents cut into amazing forested or farmed mountains have you testing your skill and nerve if you push yourself or loving the environmental surrounds as you cruise through. With our limited time frame, the off the beaten track sections ridden weren't as often as wished but I will consider this a brief 're-con' mission with further exploration to be done next time. I can't recommend Tasmania enough to you all. Save your money, pick your weather and season appropriately, book your holidays and ride! You won't regret it. I promise!!!

On the way to Wynyard we passed through Hellyer Gorge State Reserve. Stopping at Hellyer River for a look and medication. Walking the riverbanks and rocks you soon got your eye tuned into the trout swimming silently in the flow. The water so clear and fish so close you felt like you could reach out and grab them.

Hell Yeah!!! River as we liked to call it.
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Hydro trout checking.

Trout glide stationary like in the rivers flow.
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Admittedly we rode through this stop the first time, over the river and beyond. But as you will find or have already found, some of these roads in Tassie have you pulling up after however many kilometres, waiting for your mate where in no time through brimming grins agree to go back and ride the section again! Honestly we did it several times! Never once did one of us say "Na, I think we better keep going". We would turn around and roar back down or up the road we had just ridden with feverish glee of experiencing it all over again! Crazy and true. "Hell Yeah" Gorge on the Murchison Highway was one of those turn around sections.

Final supper in Wynyard, great food and reflection of what we had experienced. You could wish the adventure never ended.
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In the line up, preparing to board the ferry back.
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All lined up and somewhere to go.
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