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Day 12 - two years late

I know this is two years late but here is Day 12

Day 12 - Aug 31

Day 12 would be about 230 miles. We would leave Vernal and travel through Flaming Gorge canyon, do some handlebar field repairs, pass through scenic mountain meadows and forests, visit Henry’s Fork, hit a bit of a rocky section, another Paul flat tire, have a swim in a muddy pond, and end up at fantastic campground in the mountains South-East of Salt Lake city.
It was a nice sunny day that morning when we got up and got ready to leave Vernal, Utah.
We went to a gas station to fill up and a guy comes running excitedly over to talk to me about my bike, gear, setup, and travel, and he rides a bike too.
This happened from time to time on the trip and it is a great way to chat with locals to find out information about the area, like best places to eat, camp, get supplies, motorcycle shops, etc.
It also turns out he is in the oil business which is big out there, and in particular, drilling. He hands me a bunch of stickers that have the slogan “I love Drilling!”.
So I told him “Thanks” and I slapped it on my bike luggage and remembered seeing quite a few vehicles with the “I love Drilling!” stickers in town, so that was our slogan for the day.

We zoomed our way north towards Flaming Gorge.

The terrain was changing from red rock desert to lush green forests

As we rolled into the Flaming Gorge area Paul needed to stop to make some repairs to his handlebars which were coming loose!

We stopped at Flaming Gorge Resort at the gas station were the attendant brought out his tools and Paul and he tore into it.

The bike was soon back in tip top shape and we charged off East into the trails of Ashley National Forest

We passed by a fork in the stream near Henry’s fork

The forest was closing in around us and the road was getting a bit more rocky

Some videos of our travels

The riding in this area was a fun section that we all enjoyed a great deal.

After the fun dense forest riding it opened up a bit and had some nice meadow scenes with high mountain peaks in the distance.

We popped into Wyoming briefly as we made our way in a generally westward direction.

Jeremy passes by a huge white face rock.

We had some great views of this pyramid looking mountain with snow on it.

We were in Wasatch Forest now

Cool looking stream

We saw a few quads with Canine passengers zip by the opposite way

As luck would have it Paul got yet another flat, but it was a good spot to take a break.

We were getting really good at fixing flats quickly so we were soon on our way
We climbed up to Elizabeth Ridge at over 10000 feet high

A very cool looking cloud – maybe one of those mechanical horses?

We were back out of the dirt and traveled through high mountain passes on hwy 150

This was Kletting Peak at 12000 feet high

The hwy wound higher and higher until we reached Mirror Lake Overlook and stopped for a break

Its an awesome wall of rock

Jill climbed down to a big ledge

Just one more step back Paul!

A little further on Jill takes this great picture of a big mouse alone in a meadow.

Further along the road

So at one point Paul pulls off the highway onto a short dirt road because the GPS is telling him to.
But this was a small routing error and as we followed along there was a deep puddle.
Paul wisely drove around it. Like a magnet I was drawn in and I got about halfway through when my rear tire slide completely out sideways and I went for a swim.

The bike got turned sideways by the slippery mud and as I was lying in the soupy water, Jeremy blasts through the puddle splashing me again – thanks Bud.
Paul comes by to offer advice (without getting wet) and helps me get it out.
I must say that driver error was a big factor but the Mefo tires are not good in mud. Dunlop 908 from now on.

But it was a nice spot for a quick rest

Shortly after we stopped at the town of Kamas for dinner – Jill was hungry – those curly fries looked great!

After dinner we headed West and South towards Lehi, Utah.

We passed by Jordanelle reservoir

Closer to the mountain ridges lining the Great Salt Lake Plain.
Since this was our last night on the trip we wanted to camp and we found a perfect campground off Alpine Loop Scenic loop road, North of Hwy 189, East of Lehi.
We were permitted to use the group campground since the people who reserved did not show up.
It was awesome – with fantastic mountain peaks and a large fire pit with lots of wood.

We pitched our tents – with a smile

Got a nice fire going

Looks like someone left a glove in the fire!

And contemplated the journey that turned out to be way better than we expected.

We were also thinking about the next and last day’s journey that would take us through the Pony Express route back to Wendover.

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