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Originally Posted by URNUTS View Post
Bike is all back together and I have to say.... looks really good. Much like Toro, I painted NOTHING (he did the frame), so the bike has a bit of wear to the cases, frame, etc but I'm good with that.
No spark, though, and (I believe) we traced it back to a nick we put in the coil taking the flywheel off.
Thought it was just a tiny nick but upon closer inspection noticed that we really got into the wires. :( New coil ordered and hopefully here soon.
Had to pull the tank, seat, stator cover, etc off so no pics until all back.. again. Plug cap was crappy, too, (though not the problem as I had hoped) so a new one of them goes on, too.

Congrat, Jon. My PE is now alive and running...started her up yesterday. Third kick on the Lectron carb, but was pig rich on the bottom end and waytoo lean upstairs. But the Lectron is so easy to tune...pulled the slide out and went lean on th needle, and added a turn on the top end circuit...better....then a little more lean on needle....perfect, and starts first or second kick everytime.
The front wheel I bought on Ebay has 2 bad flat spots which I had not noticed untill I went for a small ride, so need to address that issue and she'll be as good as she was back in 1980. The front wheel and the carb are the only 2 items not original on the bike. I have the original carb but definitely staying with the Lectron.
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