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Not the attended outcome

Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
We are done. Natalie went off the road when she was adjusting something on her gear. A broken sholderblade and 3 ribs. Her bike is toast also. She is back home now. All this planning and practice rides and now no trip.

She went off on the 101 near San luis obispo. Was in the hospital for 3 days and we just got home last night. We were 200 miles from home at the time.

I am super depressed and glad she is ok. My klr is for sale.

We are going to wait for her to get comfortable and do a trip across the US in the car.
Very sorry to hear about your tragedy. This is something any rider can experience and maybe has, the chance we take for follow our dreams.

Must say that I am very sad you did not get the experience what you sought and I have have lived traveling over 160,000 miles on two KLR's. Much of this done two up with full gear and camping. This may sound insane, but I do hope you can get back in the saddle maybe riding two up to obtain the experience you had planned and dreamed about.

Best wishes and I hope you have a speedy recovery and get to peruse more adventures together, no matter what the are.......
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