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bear spray

Bear spray, is that slang for a 38 mag.

While backpacking we always bring fire crackers, they work well and are light and small enough to tuck anyplace. make sure they work and are not all duds.

Cell service, Cell phones are a joke. Before they went digital, line of site worked, so you just had to get to 'Line of site' of a tower. Now that does not work , you have to be within a certain distance of a tower.

I broke down 50 miles out a dirt road awhile back, out in no mans land.
Deer hunter saved me a two day walk. I have had hunters point me in the right direction a time or two also.

I ran up on a sleeping bear 2 weeks ago while out on a no track ride trough the woods. I stopped and the bear ran out in front of me about 50 yards. she then stopped and turned to look at me. that is when a baby cub jumped up and followed mom. there was a full 5 minute stand off. I figured a second cub would get up out of the same bed. while I waited the first cub ran up and down a huge pine tree. I knew bears could climb but a baby bear can climb up, down, and around a tree as fast as a squirrel. it was a very cool experience and a second cub never did get up. I was trying to get from one area to another through a piece of land that had no roads or trails. I would have to walk 1/4 mile at a time to scout out my path. so I had been quiet and caught her off guard. I did make it through. but I had to be super careful as yet again I was in a very remote area. I did have a base camp set up only about 7 miles away so I could have made it back there fairly easy.

I am shopping for a smaller dual sport bike. I have no plans on giving up the trusty 650 Dakar but I need more options. the pine needles and duff was almost enough to get stuck in on flat ground. I don't like to limit myself, but being wise is a better option.
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