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Seems like dirt bikes need plates these days. If you want to ride in a park, on a beach or connect certain trails, you need a plate. Based on what I've read, I think a KTM 350 EXC-F is probably the best tool for that job.

I've never ridden either but a BMW K1600 GTL is far more appealing to me than any Harley or even a Gold Wing. (for me the comparison is kind of irrelevant since all three of them have seats that probably beat the crap out of that 2x4 on my WRR)

I never really understood the appeal of step-through frames on scooters, and I certainly don't understand why people figure that means they don't need to wear any gear whatsoever. Crashing at 30mph on a 50cc scooter seems like it'd hurt about as much as crashing at 30mph on a literbike, and you're way less likely to get bucked off by a pothole on the literbike. I never go that far around town so I'd have an electric motorcycle, Zero or other. People around where I live frown on motorcycles and loud vehicles in general so electric might score me points there.
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