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This week was a little out of the ordinary for me. I had Tuesday and Thursday off from my "day job". I am a butcher for a large supermarket chain and work 40 hours every week for them. I made the switch to a union job about 7 years ago with the health benefits being the carrot on the stick. I have worked in restaurants for 15 years and love it. Love the people, love the food...Restaurant is not for everyone. An old chef buddy posted this on facebook a couple months ago about what you can expect from making a living in the restaurant business, and it is absolutely spot on

With the health benefits I get paid vacation weeks and 3 "floating" holidays. I opted to use one of those "holidays" Wednesday to help a buddy out so he would get his minimum amount of hours required to qualify for health benefits this week. It also gave me a 3 day weekend from that job. I used Wednesday as my "honey-do" day and since I hadn't ridden since Tuesday, I woke up early suited up and tried to decide where to ride. Couple cups of coffee and an hour or so later I decided I suck at taking time off and called my dad to see what he was doing. He is 1.5 hrs up the hill at Lake Almanor. I told him I had to be at the restaurant at 4pm, want to ride? He picked up a KLR 650 late last year and this has been the median for my dad and I to spend more time together. All my childhood he worked. Morning noon and night. When he got home from work there was always chores to be done. Needless to say that rubbed off on my brothers and I. He was headed out fishing but suggested I ride up Hwy 70 through the Feather River canyon to hwy 89 by the lake then down the hill via hwy 32. We did this road ride a few months ago and it is pretty. I was thinking some dirt but oh well daylight was burning so off I headed on the 99 towards Butte College and the hills beyond.

I should note here that I just RE-purchased the GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. I bought a hero 2 last year right before Vietnam trip and used it everywhere. There are extremely durable and amzingly portable and unhindering. I dropped my Hero 2 into a bucket of water at Calikattom's house a couple months ago during my "Test Ride" of the F800. Try as I did it never came back to life. They have a waterproof housing that works great but mine was not on at the time. So I had been looking into the hero 3 which records at 60 fps in 1080p it also has 2K and 4K cinematic, 12mp stills burst mode supports a 64gb micro sd card. They are amazing. The updates were not up to par until now, so I bought it.

First Bridge on the Feather River Highway. This is one by Lake Oroville, or I should say over it.

Climbing a bit out of the valley. The River is 1000 feet below you for a few miles on this stretch. It is a massive canyon and shaped by geological shifts and water erosion.

I enjoy taking the time to stop and read signboards, plaques, historical points of interest etc. I think that what people have done in different ages with different tools and different goals is absolutely amazing. Bridges are 1 thing that blow my mind on trips. Most of these masterpieces string 2 points in space that normally would never have been able to be accessed in succession . Most are built before we were born. I really love to see the army core of engineers plaque on the old concrete bridges. Most built in our area in 1936. This is right after the depression, and in the middle of high unemployment and low moral our country put people to work. Doing anything. This cause had a huge effect.

This is the bridge at Pulga. Single trackers and Dual sport riders are really familiar with this spot. You can connect over quite a few ridges and miles and miles of dirt from the turnoff...Rethinking this you can go most anywhere from anywhere up here. Its great.

Here's some shots from the point and shoot coming up to this point. You can see the highway cutting through the side of the canyon.

There was a couple of stretches on the ride that were under construction. This is one for a new guard rail. Was a nice break in the pace to stop and take in the scenery.

Western Fence Lizard (aka the Bluebelly lizard)

Self portrait

You are right up on the river for the rest of the highway. The road just follows its line. The whole canyon seems to change depending on the season. Spring is great with all the waterfalls coming down the slopes and glistening exposed rocks.

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