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I was out riding today sans GoPro. Frankly, it was too hot/humid to do a lot of picture taking, and the ones I did take frankly sucked. But, while riding up through Millville, in town what runs across the road in front of me? Weirder than weird, I turn off onto a side street and attempt to intercept. First time I spot it is really close, but I can't get the damn camera out of my pocket. I ride ahead of it's trajectory, and eventually get this shot that I know will be as disappointing as it is:

A figure his next point of appearance, and do much better:

This happens in pretty much the center of town a 11:30am. People are out mowing their lawns, washing their cars, walking home with the kids after was just a surreal wildlife sighting. But, it makes up for not getting a photo of the big-ass wild turkey I saw later.

So that's my latest lame update to convince you to Ride PA. Come on over; we have wildlife aplenty and it's pretty much everywhere!
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