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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
MotionX GPS and GPS Kit are 2 that I like for topos and being deep in the bush, recording tracks. They cache maps of your choice (many to choose from), easy to save and share waypoints and tracks, and both have a "real time" location share feature (need cell signal). They do not have turn-by-turn navigation.

I use Navigon for my turn-by-turn GPS app...all of N. America on my phone.

I can't imagine even ONE feature or task that I wish I had that a standalone GPS could possibly offer me.

Define "decent map"...?
Which Garmin GPS' are those? Several listers compare the old 60 and 76 models, those are old and have terrible interfaces that were superceded by other products well over 5 years ago.

I've used several that were introduced 10 years or so ago, and they are everything you describe. But then the phones were pretty limited as well.

It's very similar to the camera market. For bottom end use
, the phone camera works fine and has functions thatn a traditional compact digicam does not.

For more intensive use, most photographers still choose a camera.

Just yesterday I was trying to set up a route in various phone GPS apps (Google, Oruxmaps, OsmAnd), and what would have been trivial on my 2820 (old but still very functional) or Montana was frustrating.

Originally Posted by ErockPDX View Post
I use Garmin GPSs in work trucks for rural responses in a 2200-square-mile county and I hate them...I've found that they're slow to respond, the menus and search functions are unintuitive, and they're slow to register touch. THAT SAID, they are relatively low on the offering totem pole. I have a different Garmin, bare bones, that I use for hiking. My experience with both is that when I get frustrated, I simply use my iPhone 5 with success. I've begun putting topo maps on it for hiking too, and use Theodolite and MotionX.

For these reasons, I have been actively NOT buying a GPS for the bikes...I guess I'm waiting for one to bite me on the ass in the Flea Market or fall into my lap or something. In the meantime I keep being happy with the iPhone 5, cached maps, and a good old paper backup in my tank bag. The only thing I'm having trouble overcoming it the visibility of the iPhone screen with the Lifeproof case in direct sunlight.

I know, whine whine.

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