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Off to Phillip Island!

We hit the mainland rolling, straight off the ferry into the jungle of concrete, steel, glass and the only familiar bit, bitumen. The stark contrast of where we had just come from and where we now were, clobbered us like a sledge hammer. The sudden need and re-aquaintance with the GPS coupled with city traffic had us like frightened rabbits in the spotlight.

The seemingly slow GPS updating of directions had us doing mad 'U' turns at traffic lights, contemplating jumping curbs bigger that any log we had taken on in recent times and deciphering signs at quick speed! Eventually we found our way out of the city and against the clogged flow into it.

Watching all the week day commuters across in the other lane, bumper to bumper, mirror to mirror heading to what we only just survived, doom, again reminded us of our fortunate position.

Fortunes are then again usually made, we had finally set certain things in place to achieve ours and it was working ok. There are always going to be obstacles, challenges and changes but thats apart of it all. Leaving it till now, after 20 years of reminding each other of this great ride we were going to do, over beers, phone lines, fishing lines, campfires and bar tops had us wondering why we didn't do it earlier!

Heading out of town on our bikes, towards an iconic Australian motorcycle racetrack had us grinning and giggling in our helmets. Our first time at "The Island" promised more adventure, new friends and good memories.
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