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Eat Pasta? Sure!

Yokohl Valley Road is one of my favorite twisty country roads. Just as I reach the beginning I see a GS rider stopped at the intersection.
I waved and continued on my way. He had so many stickers on his boxes I was unable to spot the ADV one.
I was starting to have a little fun when I noticed the big GS catching up.

I made a quick stop to shoot the big GS in its natural environment.

The guy was railing the corners.

I had a hard time catching up and probably only did because he stopped to shoot me.

Now that I was in front again, there was no way I was losing that position. He did a great job keeping up.
Every time I looked over my shoulder he was still there.

That was a ton of fun!

By time we reach Three Rivers I was starving. I stopped in front of The Pizza Factory. The GS rider pulled alongside and stuck out his hand. "Eat Pasta?" he says. I look towards the pizza place. "Uh, sure. Let's do it." I think it took him a couple more tries before he made me understand eatpasta was his ADV moniker.
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