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I can see how you would think they are amber. But they are not. They are available in a very bright white and now red to make the tail light jump out too. They can be wired in to the brake light with an inexpensive adapter I haven't listed yet. There is also a brake light modulator that flashes the brake lights when you are braking. I fear not being seen and I put both on my bike.

The Bullets come in blue also. There was some kind of study that said blue light catches the eye quicker than white.I'm guessing in the UK it's not illegal to run blue running lights. Attention from the police here is not whos attention I wish to catch on the road. So Ill stay with white
I really liked these lights because they are so small. I am scared of drivers not seeing me so much that i could have so many lights on my bike that I'd would make my Wr Super Moto look more like an Electra Glide. These disappear until they are turned on
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