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Day 4

Batesville to Beebe, day four. Well there was plenty of gravel and a bit of riding on top of levies.

I have found that the gravel work best by picking a line about 200 feet or so out in front of me and looking at it, I then just ignoring everything in between what I have seen at the 200 foot mark and my front wheel. That and I have been keeping the bike at right about 41mph, it seem to float just about right.

We got out of Mississippi without any incidents but shortly after making it into Arkansas after blowing the first turn we got back on the purple line and it was taking us down some nice tarmac. We were just cruising along and coming up on this place.

We came to the first intersection in a long time and I see a car coming from the right. I was already moving pretty slow and when I saw the car I grabbed too much front brake and down I went. I managed to disengage myself from the bike and do a tuck and roll. Esp41 decided since my bike was laying in the street that we would just pick it up instead of taking pictures

The Klim Badlands jacket and pants did their job and I came through it with narry a scratch or a scuff of the jacket and pants.

We got back on the road just in time to see the first rice patty, and another and another and at least one more. We took a couple pictures of the pumps they use to flood the fields.

Some of them look like diesels and others look like big V8 motors

Next up was a sign on the side of the road. Esp41 blew past it without even seeing it and I decided to circle back and grab a photo of the sign.

The whole time there I was thinking “It’s a Trap”.

Apparently esp41 was thinking the same thing as he told me over the coms that this would be a great way to get a nice formerly shiny bike easy peasy. Well we got there and the place was closed as it was Sunday and we were there before 11.

We also ran into a nice farmer who was nice enough to turn on the ADVrider shower for us.

It was a long hot day for us. We are not trying to Iron Butt the TAT by any stretch of the imagination. So towards the end of a long day I caught my bike trying to get in a nap.

I had just barely blown a turn and was coming to a stop while waiting of esp41 to catch up, next thing I know my bike is lying on the ground and I am standing next to it…

We had been planning on doing more camping, but are really whipped at then end of the day and a hotel has been how we have been doing things. We will break out the camping gear out west I am sure. We are averaging around 70 bucks a day on costs so far for each of us. This is the all in cost, fuel, food, and lodging.

At the end of the day after showering I discovered I had not escaped my little off entirely unscathed.

I have shot some more video and will try and put it together tonight but the internet sucks here so it might not make it up just as it took me 20 minutes to get the photos up.

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