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Originally Posted by QSrider View Post
Also, you will be surprised how slow you can go in first with the clutch fully engaged without stalling the engine.
Without touching the clutch, throttle management must be very precise and smooth. You should hardly feel the throttle move.
A good way to get used to the very slow speed on your big/tall machine is to find an empty parking lot and instead of playing with clutch and throttle, get it in first and had a tiny bit of "choke" (high idle lever for cold start). When you get used to that speed, take some off and go even slower. Keep going... It's a lot easier to be smooth with the high idle lever. When you are used to the very slow speed work, then stop using the high idle lever and work on your throttle control. It is usually easier to work one thing at the time.
Good luck.
1200's don't have a manual cold start enrichment system...
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