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Recently I had the chance to chat at length with someone affiliated with the show. I was told that not too long ago Neale brought another show with really nice teaser footage and shopped it around to the usual networks. Each one told his it was too "smart" and needed to be dumbed down for the US market. A motorcycle travel show which focused on motorcycles and/or travel was not going to make it on air. I got the impression that what we saw edited together for this NBR isn't the show he wanted to show, but the best he could get on air. There was enough footage shot to tell a very different story had they wanted/been able to.

In order to get the type of show most of us here are wanting, we need to get vocal with the folks at networks like Fox-Speed and their advertisers and let them know that not only is there is a demographic for this, but that we will spend money with those companies who choose to support and advertise with that type of show.

The hate of Charlie/Ewan in the community didn't help our cause much. Here was some serious cash thrown down and people still make fun of them and call them posers for support crews (because they had a schedule and $$$ film equipment) like any prime time quality show has to have. This is all a guess on my part, but I'm thinking advertisers wouldn't want to tie themselves to programming that gets ridiculed by the "hard core," whatever the hell that term even means these days.

This NBR was okay. Just okay. I think it had potential to be so much more though. Maybe we'll get to see more of the riding that got left on the editing room floor.
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