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Originally Posted by GSF1200S View Post
I know this is subjective but I'm gonna say the problem is the 606 front. I have grown to not like that tire. I started with 606s and didn't know any better. Eventually I read about people talking about low speed almost-washouts and the like with the 606 front and decided to try a 606 rear and an mt21 front. That combo works perfect for me.

Because I can't plan for shit and I'm thousands of miles from home, I buy tires at shops when I need them. All the last shop had for the front was a 606 so I took it- immediately I have the same washouts and such. Its stable for me on the street, and works good in mud, but I hate the 606 front in gravel. Its also directional which sucks because you can't flip the tire to extend its life once you wear off the edges.

As always, ymmv. Others like the 606 front and it may have a bunch to do with your riding style
There are quite a few tires that are only liked as rears, but not fronts...

D606- Many don't like the front in gravel, sand, or mud.

K270- Many don't like the front while leaned on pavement.

K760- Many don't like the front on any surface.

K761- Front wears funny.
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