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Originally Posted by JayBo1 View Post
I take my hat off to you John. By including the bit about "first hand experience" you have cut off 99.5% of the responses you were going get.
I'll dig out some details for you, but rest assured there are a fair few differences between a 450 Rally motor and a SX-f motor. I have seen both close-up and personal, including the insides, but even better I know someone that has grafted a 450 Rally motor into an XC-f frame. (Actually it's for sale at the moment and I'll find a link to it for you). There are many considerations that the average punter that doesn't have the "hands on experience" wouldn't even think of.

thanks for the reply. i look forward to your insightful explanation.... wondering what the KTM platform is IF one can't afford the factory 450RR?.....
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