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Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post
Hey Tmotten,

I understand you are saying the Eeepad needs a 12v output ... but the fact is that they sell a USB charge cord (as you linked to on amazon) for the EeePAD would tend to disagree with your assessment...

Here is the reason... you cannot have 12v going out of a USB port. It is industry standardized at 5v for the specifications. There is no such thing as a 12v output USB port. Asus would not do anything contrary to industry standards nor would any electronics maker. So, IF the EeePad even has a USB cord that is made for it which is does... ( I would then jump the conclusion that it can be charged by the USB standard of 5v. Furthermore it would be horrible if Asus made the only tablet that could not be charged by a USB cable which is also the standardized method of charging tablets and cell phones....

I think it can be charged by the 5 volt standard USB... if it was only able to be charged by a 12V it would have that proprietary tip going into a ROUND tip because that is a standard for 12v outputs too, though they have different sizes...I would suggest you buy that cable they sell on amazon and test this out... you would need that cable regardless for ease of charging on the road eitherway... I just has to be as I said because it just wouldn't make sense for Asus to get contrary to the entire industry.
As unbelievable as it sounds, the ASUS tablet charges at 15VDC from a ASUS proprietary USB charger and in fact needs at least 11VDC just to trigger the charging circuit.
I purchased an ASUS Transformer Prime last summer for a long ride across Europe and Asia with the main purchase criteria that it charged from a USB power port.
I was disappointed - no I was PISSED OFF to find that it would not charge from a normal USB power port. I checked the specs on the side of the charger and sure enough 5 OR 15VDC.
I asked our engineer how they could do that and he explained how it could detect whether the ASUS or a USB device was plugged in and output the correct voltage.
We are getting ready for another long ride and I have dumped that ASUS in favor of a MS Surface Pro. It was still a bit of a problem in that it charges at 12VDC and MS doesn't offer a car charger. I was able to find a car charger online that was expensive but works.
Another big plus to the Surface Pro is that it is Win8 which can run BaseCamp which Android can't do.
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