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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
So I dropped the bike off at the moving company yesterday, and they drained and crated it, making it ready to go.

Then this afternoon the transpo office called me and said that they won't move my household goods until I take the bike out of them.


So now I'm back to square one, trying to figure out how to get the bike to Korea.

The Army is trying to make Korea a desirable assignment. As far as I'm concerned, it's getting less and less desirable as I get close to going.
I'm having a similar problem. I am command sponsored but my orders state I can only bring one POV - either a motorcycle or a car. And it's very specific about motorcycles being counted as a POV even though it is in the household goods shipment. I'm thinking about trying to ship both anyway. It doesn't seem like transportation and the car shippers have much to do with each other so maybe they wouldn't realize what I'm doing. Worst case, I'd have to pay for the 400 lbs. of weight that the bike added to my shipment?

Anyone know more about this and see any problems? I tried getting the contact info for a motorcycle mentor in Korea but my "sponsor" and the S1 haven't been responding.

I'm wondering about this whole policy being designed to discourage people from bringing motorcycles to Korea.
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