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so, hows two middle aged guys (as you say) on the beefier side doing after lets say 1000 miles... i wanna know about hands? arms..... and especially your ass...... i'm not sure the bling seats (with eurorhythmic sensative posturpedic battery operated seats will do the trick) you purchased are up for the long haul.... i'm just sayin....... hows the middle of your back? maybe you should have installed ape hangers on them? it doesn't look like you guys did any extensive cardio or P90X before the trip? just sayin for anyone else that thinks they can just hang a leg over and do 4k miles... so, i'm askin this at the 1k mark... then the 2k mark. and 3 k mark... and 4 k mark.. good info on how much you spent per day. all this helps.. how much was spot tracker and gps stuff.????

my offer still stands... i'll fly in and finish...

almost forgot, i wanna know how much weight you guys lost too....
interested in the response to the "in-shape" part of this question. i've already locked in a personal trainer for sessions twice a week. with a focus on building up endurance, strength, and cardiovascular health.

and to respond to spot tracker/gps - even though this isn't my thread (but because i'm preparing for tat):
i just bought Spot Gen 3 - won't receive for another week because it hasn't really released. it was $150, the service will likely be 150 for the year (including the tracking service and the regular messaging)

gps - bought a garmin montana and a gps maps card for north america. then also bought the rugged mount - all this from for around $600.
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