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I'm sorry to hear about this exchange- Can you PM me an email address or something I can use to reference this issue? This is the first I've heard of it, and I am the person who approves all price matches. I'll speak to our reps to avoid this in the future.


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Just a word of caution, if you ask GPS City to price match on a product that they are offering free overnight shipping they will make you pay for the shipping instead of honoring their offer of free over night shipping.

I got caught up in this when ordering a Garmin 665 to replace the 2 units I had sold before a planned trip. I accept some responsibility in that I sold the 2 units I had so I could order the new unit from GPS City prior to me trip. They were offering free over night shipping on the unit and price matching, right up until I ordered the unit. That is when I received an email (no phone call, but an email) from them says that my GPS would not ship over night unless I agreed to pay an extra $38 for my free shipping. After numerous phone calls and emails I paid the shipping as I needed the GPS delivered.

Have always received outstanding customer service from GPS City right up until this order.

They did not even offer to split the shipping with me. They have lost a loyal and frequent customer over $38.. I know that is silly and trite but I am the customer...
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