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Very nice. I was floored by the amount of attention they pay to their family. Especially the young and the elderly. I feel like here in the states we have an out of sight, out of mind attitude for the most part. I don't think old folks homes even exist over there.
absolutely not. The older you get, the more important and more influential. Since my wife is the daughter of the youngest of 9 - she is the babies', baby - wherever we went, we were lavished with attention, food... you name it. All of this by people who had very little to share. Here, take out our only means of transport, our scooter. here share all the food we have, here! My wife's family was probably my favorite part of our trip.
My least favorite? Either riding on a bus or visiting the hospital..... its a toss up
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I was SO high, I could have hunted duck with a rake
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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