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I am in the same boat.......

I've had my Zumo 550 since late 2006. I use it on both my Vee and my KLX450. Basically, I am using a technology that is now approaching 7 years. It always confounds me as to why my Zumo takes me to a place/destination one way and then routes me back home another way even if I hit detour numerous times. Never figured that out. I also believe that I should be able to "record" my route and edit/manage without a lot of fuss.

Mapsource was OK and now I am learning Basecamp to handle my routes and tracks.

I just got a new VZ Galaxy S4 and now I am thinking that instead of buying another dedicated GPS such as Oregon or Montana which I heard is much better at tracks, I am thinking of just purchasing an Android App or two although I need a way to easily create routes and/or tracks and upload.

Google Maps is interesting but I simply can't get the hack of building my route as I always mess it up because the "Draw a Line Along Roads" seem to automate some of the routes and follow another road/route that I was not interested in. The "Draw a Line" feature does not follow the existing road and so I am not sure if it is accurate if I import into an Android App. What is the secret to effectively using Google Maps?

As far as the Android Apps, I ran across couple of apps that I believe will work for both my street (routes) and Trail (tracks).

Anyone have any experience with EMFB app? It claims to handle routes directly from Google Maps while incorporating few nifty features such as weather radar, etc.

Second app for trails and single track is Dual Sport Maps app for Android. I was not aware until after reading these threads that DSM may close down although they are promoting the DSM for Android, etc.

I tend to agree that current smartphones are more like computers and theoretically should offer more functions and ease of use than dedicated GPS units. I maybe wrong.

Any feedback on Android Apps and secrets to using Google Maps will be appreciated.

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