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Originally Posted by jagred View Post
I'm going to say my bit, and then duck and run for cover.

LIGHTEN UP folks and THINK before you gripe.

I don't have cable TV at home, but this week I was in a hotel room flipping through the channels and saw riders on bikes. SWEET! So I dropped the remote and watched. I only saw about the last 30 minutes of the episode where the lady had to ride in the truck because of a busted foot.

This is just a group of people like me, who love to ride. The only difference is... they have enough money to afford a trip that I can't afford. And because TV cameras are around, everybody ends up being stiff and self-conscious. Sure producers try to create and manufacture a little drama. That's what producers do.

But let's be honest. The "motorcycle TV watching market" in america is not exactly huge. If we act like snobs and don't support the stuff they make specifically for US... then guess what... they won't bother to make more stuff for us. It is all about the money. Who can get viewers and advertising dollars.

Be overly critical and unsupportive of the market's attempts to create motorcycle programming, and there won't be more attempts to make motorcycle programming.

ALL right... I'm done acting like a "know-it-all". Isn't it ironic that I'm being critical of others being critical.

It was a bit hokey, fake drama, and some other nonsense. But keep in mind that they need to appeal to the widest possible audience. This is what research has shown works!

It is not made for the few who actually ride off road, but for the many who do not.

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