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Wicked NM-Weekend Camping at Canjilon Lakes

There are more pics are on flickr if you’re more interested in those or want to see hi-res
Canjilon Lakes Photo Set

So a couple months or so ago a friend planned this trip, we were all gonna camp off the bikes for a weekend. As time got closer things got more complicated, the state got very dry and we were gonna trailer the bikes to CO. Then, last week everyone bailed on the trip, sick, wife duties, etc, etc. I was hell bent on doing something so it was decided that I would solo out to Canjilon Lakes and meets some cagers for a weekend camping trip. Mind you this is my first trip of this distance on the bike and my first experience camping off the bike. I figured the cagers would have anything I forgot. My wife wasn’t enthusiastic about this plan but didn’t say no.

So Friday morning around 8:00am my Adventure begins. The wife had to get a pic on my way out.

Oh yea, need to get cash first…

Now the adventure can begin…
oh… gas

and bagels..

ok, add 50 miles or so of slab in there and finally, the adventure begins!

I headed up 376 which is dry, washboard and depressing… still better than being home.

I turned off 376 near the top to do my part by providing a little bit of moisture for the forest and ran into this guy who was packing up camp, he had spent the night there. If you see this, I’m sorry, I forgot your name. Anyway, he was down from CO and was heading over to TAOS. We discussed routes a bit and I was on my way. See.. I DID run into someone on a ride.

From there I hit 144. It was a smooth ride but talcom power dry fine dirt, in some places 8 or 10 inches deep.

I didn’t take any pictures in this next area, but the DRZ decided to take a nap while I was maneuvering a low speed turn around. I hear that’s common with DRZ’s. I up righted her and we discussed not doing that again. I also encountered the most “technical” part of the ride near after turn off to 453. It was a half mile or so of rocky and steep. Sorry, didn't have a free hand for pics.

Then things smooth out, the road is grated and very well maintained.

From hear I headed north on 449/448 and connected with 27 which dumps you out into the Abiquiu Land Grant which in turn brings you into Abiquiu.

First sign of moisture outside of Abiquiu, other than my pee breaks

Gased up and headed for 554(slab) to 559(back to dirt). 559 makes its way around to Canjilon Lakes but I chose 337/724 as my route. It’s a seasonal use road, only opened a month or so ago, and it skirted the peaks.

Green, overgrown and seldom traveled…

I made it to camp around 5, the cagers showed up a little later.

We fished, camped, hiked, napped, drank and ate a lot of food. It wasn’t all freeze dried food; the cagers brought me a Rib-eye.

Doing stupid things around a camp fire.

Taking “art” pictures. I mentioned we were drinking?

That’s it. I slabbed it back through Castle Rock and Jemez and took exactly one picture on the return.

I logged 350 miles. If interested here you can see the route maps as well as GPS Tracks.

2012 DRZ-400s
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