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If you read back to my old threads, my folks used to have a place just north of Shunk on 154. That's the area I used to illegally ride Dad's CT90 for hours, and learned my gravel riding skills. I have lots of fond memories from there, and still remember where a good portion of the roads actually go.

I'd love to spend a weekend riding my old stomping grounds, but free time is so elusive. I'd love to come up and pick huckleberries in the game lands just north of there. We did that quite a few times.

My original idea when I left yesterday morning was to head to Forksville and World's End S.P. but left too late to make that happen so just wandered aimlessly not much further north than Millville.
My wife and I just went camping not too far from Shunk two weeks ago. I can't wait to get back there on my bike. There were some awesome "roads" through the the Loyalsock state forest around Bear Wallow Pond. Because my wife and German Shepherd were with me, we took my truck instead of my bike, but it was still an adventure.

After traveling several miles to what turned into Dry Run Rd, I was starting to wonder why it looked like these roads hadn't been driven on in years. I found out when we came to a bridge that must have been washed out during tropical storm Lee in 2011. I thought it was the end of the road until we realized that someone had created a trail through the creek nearby. It was 28" deep at the deepest where we crossed, but it had just rained heavily some I'd imagine it's shallower now. After we made it through the creek, the road went for another 2-3 miles and got pretty rough until we came to another washed out bridge which there was no way around (much more severe washout than the first bridge). Because my truck is really wide, there were a few narrow washed out road sections with pretty high pucker factor.

I know it's not a typical ADV ride, but since it's your old neighborhood and I took some pic's, I figured I'd post them below:

I had to fold both mirrors in through this stretch, even still I only had a few inches clearance between the cliff and the creek.

Finally, back to the campsite:

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