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Cape Cod Part 2

I did some more riding around, every small road I could see I would take, many of them just ending abruptly (there are only so many roads out on the northern Cape). Eventually I started winding my way back down south. I detoured to the Fort Hill area, which was also incredible. Rolling meadows, stretching as far as you could see, and sloping down to great marshes, and the Atlantic beyond. Itís hard to adequately describe the beauty Ė itís all straight from a post card, straight from memories youíve never really had, but for some reason feel real, and the land feels nostalgic. You want to freeze those moments, parked in the sun on a great motorcycle, looking out on these unreal vistas Ė you want to live in these moments forever. but as much joy as they bring, thereís also a slight sadness, because you know as soon as it arrived, it will be gone again, and youíll be riding back to schedules, to bills, to phone calls, to obligations, to reality.

But for those few, fleeting moments, our lives are OURS. And I think thatís really the appeal of motorcycling. Itís taking as many of these finite moments of life, and claiming them as our own. Itís defiant, in a way. Itís independent. Itís freedom.

Eventually the sun began to get lower and lower in the sky and I decided to head back. Iíve only been twice now, but both times, Iím reluctant and sad to leave the Cape. Iím determined to actually get out there and STAY overnight, either camping or hotelling it, but I decided that would be more fun w/ a pretty young lady, or a group of friends. Iíd seen what I came to see, and felt what I came to feel Ė and it was time to head home.

The ride home was fairly uneventful Ė a lot of slab, a lot of wind. Once home, I realized spending some 8 or 9 hours on a motorcycle in one day isnít highly recommended. For someone so out of practice like myself anyway. I was dead tired when I rolled into the drive way. Hands were cramping. Legs cramping. Butt cramping. But like most days spent motorcycling, the highs far outweighed the lows. Another great day exploring a great part of the country on a great motorcycle.

ĎTil next time fellas. Ride safe.

Oh, and I'll leave you with a nerdy watercolor I did of Truro.

ďSometimes it's a little better to travel than to arrive.Ē
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