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I saw one cut it at least as close today. Unlike the rider in the video, the close call I saw was due purely to the rider's being a dumbass.

I was off my own bike since I seem to have messed up my knee (unless popping sounds when you walk are a sign of good joint health). On my way home in my truck, I decided to take a favorite little stretch of residential road off of the beaten path. It's a hoot to ride either on a bike or a four-wheeler for the mile or so it lasts, but you do need to show good sense because there are several driveways and subdivisions which intersect it at the apexes (sp?), and several of the curves are blind. Oh... there are also some strategically placed concrete mailbox holders to "catch" you if you do run wide.

I had begun to climb the hill through an inverted "S" curve when I suddenly became aware of a sport bike which had darted out from behind the oncoming car as the squid riding it decided to straighten out the curve. He must have been doing at least 60-70 mph as he did so; I would estimate our closing speed to be well in excess of 100 mph. It would have been too damn bad for him and possibly for me if he had not gotten back over in time. I couldn't begin to get the first part of "What the f@#$?" out before he was past.

His buddy cut it closer.

With distance to the other car down to maybe three car lengths, another bike -- an orange crotch rocket -- shot past the other driver, immediately leaning so far over to get out from in front of my truck that he was nearly horizontal. He got back into the other lane with no more than 3-4 feet to spare in front of the car he had passed and less than a foot from my truck fender. I was stunned that we did not collide because he was close enough in front of me that I could only see his helmet and left shoulder when he passed me.

I did not even have time to take my foot off the gas pedal. Not that I should have made any changes to my speed. Stomping the brakes would likely have caused my truck's back end to slide out, very likely swatting one of the riders anyway and possibly hitting the oncoming car.

They may be feeling pretty smug about their supernatural skills pulling them through but the reality is the second guy in particular was simply lucky. This time.
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