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Comparison GS versus Tiger

Originally Posted by WetSideRider View Post
There's not a lot of difference between the two. I prefer the BMW, Steve, the Triumph.

For me, the Triumph is a better road bike, faster, smoother. The Beemer is a better dirt bike, a little more nimble, torquey.

The ergos on the Beemer are nicer. Better bags, better handlebar bend, nice controls (I like the info scroller on the bar instead of a button on the dash). Easier to see the heated grip switches in sunlight, more comfy seat.

I liked standing better on the Triumph. Could be that the footpeg rubbers were removed on that bike and not on the Beemer.

If I was choosing, maybe it would just be on price, or on which seller I preferred to deal with.

Both get the job done nicely.
The GS is definitely more refined but the Triumph is more fun to ride. They are both very good bikes for this kind of riding.
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