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Originally Posted by murdock84 View Post
That would be a nice cabin to have!

Originally Posted by goosecreek View Post
Tom you should bring the tiger to the rts we can find a few gravel roads.
Gravel is fine, but remember the "bash plate" is a hunk of plastic, and pay close attention to where the rear calipers are..... ... It's like they thought... "hmmmm where is the most fucking vulnerable place we can put the rear brakes" OH YEA ... that's it.

Originally Posted by tomc407 View Post
I am bringing the Tiger - but probably won't have the TKC80s yet unless Jack wants to lend me his set for a couple weeks.... Bring em up to CT's this weekend and we'll swap out the sportbike tires for dirtbike tires.

Eiither way the Tiger is going to BYOB and RTS. No heated gear this time
See above

Originally Posted by H14 View Post
Jack, we saw this in the middle of nowhere New York last week and the three things that popped into mind immediately were you, our trip last year, and a shitload of dimes.

Awesome Kevin! At least there seems to be construction in your photo
You have inspired me Sir...

On the 1 year anniversary of leaving for the CDR ride, and starting this thread, me and JaxWife have decided to go back out there to do parts of the CDR and meet up with Bill at his new place in Montana. This is gonna happen next summer.
Logistics to be worked out during thousands of planning meetings in my head.
OH YEA..... Something to Obsess over... Like a pig in shit.
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