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Originally Posted by GoGoGavin41 View Post
So I'm probably going on a ride tomorrow with some friends on an abandoned railroad. I've done some of this route before on a mountain bike and it is occurring to me now that there are a number of places that you have to ride inside the tracks or cross them completely. I know this route is frequented by smaller bikes (the people I'm riding with have ridden it several times on 250s and 400s/also a few videos on youtube of people riding it), but I'm thinking 990s aren't normally the first choice for this trail.

Any tricks for getting over tracks on a big bike? Seems to me like it may be kind of a chore.
Yes, it will be a chore, but the technique is the same. Stand up on the pegs, get your ass back over the rear of the seat, line up perpendicular to the tracks and wheelie over them. The only real problem with this is "if" you fail and fall on the rails it hurts ALOT, and could even break large bones (think femur)

As far as riding between the rails, I used to do this alot as a kid we rode the tracks everywhere, interestingly the suspension smooths out the bumps better as you go faster, about 50mph and you'd never know you're riding on railroad tracks.

Be careful following other riders, especially if they are on big 2 strokes, KX 500s have been known to throw large rocks from the railraod bed
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