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I just don't see how ethanol being in the fuel should be such a problem. I realize that ethanol isn't good for some components in an engine, but you would think that by this point manufacturers would have had time to make necessary adjustments? Also, let's imagine we were going to run out of crude in 10 years (just an example), don't you think it would be nice to have an alternative in place? Whether it is CNG, LPG, Ethanol or whatever else they can think of? You might as well get a head start (even if there is supposedly 100+ years before a need to worry). Granted other forms don't pack as much energy as gas. So wouldn't you want to keep it around as long as possible? Even if it means diluting it with another fuel type? Nothing is perfect, and I think people might as well agree to disagree on this issue. Seems most are either for or against this with nobody on the fence. I know that it seems the car industry (especially tuning/performance shops) has taken to E85 since they can get a bit more power from it than regular premium gas. I haven't really decided one way or another but when I get my bike, I'm not going to be afraid of running E85 if I have to, it's going to happen sooner or later .
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