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Originally Posted by HappyForNow View Post
Um, you just agreed with me. Why do you say its bullshit. You just did the math and showed that you will get less mpg.
You stated that it would "drastically" lower your mpg. It doesn't.

I once had a BMW dealer blame ethanol for the stalling issue I was having on my 08 GSA. I went out of my way to run several tanks of E-0 through it even though I was pretty sure that wasn't the problem. Of course it didn't solve the stalling issue because that was caused by one of his mechanics who fucked with the screw you never fuck with when doing a throttle body sync.

The gas mileage wasn't measurably better on the bike when running E-0 either. A few years ago on the way to the MotoGP race at Indy we filled our Surburban up with E-0 in Tulsa and actually got worse mileage than with E-10.

It's really tiresome hearing you guys bitch about a sucessful, home grown industry and by doing so you implicitly support multinational oil companies. Fortunately you are a very, very small minority.
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