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Originally Posted by cjack View Post
Well that's the thing. I have experienced some pretty noticeable mileage differences when I ride to states that have a choice of pure gas and I use it. I have always figured that the higher altitude confused the numbers. For example in Illinois I usually get around 41 to 43 mph average and in Kansas and the foot hills of Colorado, about 45 mph. But when I use pure gas in Colorado, I get close to 50 mph and something like 47 mph with E10. These are wild differences for a 3% difference in energy content.
I always figured that a number of variables are involved like altitude, steady road riding, and of course the gas.
I am no noob when it comes to math so if I get something like twice the mileage I should, it must be from another variable like maybe how the engine management computer manages when using the E10. While the OBC computes the average mileage, the most noticeable and important thing to me is the miles I get before I need to fill up. Unmistakably more than 3%. So sorry to say, if I have a choice, I'll pick E0 every time.
I have always gotten better mileage in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. Way better, and that goes back well before E-10.
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