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It was just to hot.

I thought really hard on leaven the bike in the woods.

I went threw two bottles of Gatoraid in the first 2 miles.Arms shaken,lose'n foucus,see'n things that weren't there.I swear I saw porky pig running threw the woods at one point.
When I did make it out of the woods,i stopped to take a piss and I swear it was brown.

I cooled down and continued following Walt to the powerlines where I started to feel better.Then cross rutted on the fucking quadtards mud bog ruts at 40mph,high sided got pissed off and picked the bike up to quick with one hand and blew my back out.

Got home,and mama says,,"Your to old to be ride'n with those guys".
Bitch,,im the youngest least broken one out there.

What do you get for 6th?

I was a DNF and I wasn't even racing.
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