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How to become a Mainer

Kevin, this is to help all the imates that want to join you and Rhonda's next year ride. Now the title is a little disingenuous... unless you were born here, you'll always be a transplant but a way to fake it while you ride about with out of state plates. Order these at-least once so you can say you did it...

lobster - Steamed or Boiled, prepared with seaweed or saltwater

Got Mussels? You can pick them yourself if you know the right spots. Best steamed in seaweed

Know your clams... and what is a peck

Know what a red snapper is... quote from a fellow Mainer "They're red! They're not skinless they have a case that snaps when you bite into them. Locals sometimes refer to them as "Red Snappers." which is a take off on a type of fish. It helps confuse unsuspecting tourists. Nothing like a few "red snappers" and some baked beans and brown bread ,,,a traditional Saturday night Maine meal."

Gotta have a moxie...

There are many other foods and drinks.. like Seadog beer, etc. If anyone is planning a trip and wants free advice... send me a PM.
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