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I'm not looking for more horsepower I'.m not racing this thing either & I'm not talking about anything that would hurt reliability (stock versys intake cam). The net effect should be to shift the torque curve lower in the RPM range. Gearing, I went with a really tall rear tire & need to compensate for that some. After Saturday's ride I'm thinking about gearing it back to where the speedo is right, 15/49 would be pretty close with the increase in tire diameter.
i just put all those miles on the Versys spec motor, the one that was factory tuned to produce maximum torque at lower RPM in a moto that the designers thought might be used differently than the sportbike with the similar motor.

my conclusion: big mistake. while the Versys motor is completely capable of pushing that bike down the road as tuned, i don't see a big rush to duplicate that performance.

most, but not all, of these ER6/Versys builds are set up differently, so in my case, when i say stock gearing, it's the OEM gearing with the OEM 17" rear wheel size. 80 cruise is still 6000RPM, and the gearing is still good for the gravel i would typically run. i was reminded of another reason for not using lower gearing just last week, fuel economy. i would have been parked on the side, out of fuel, at least twice. yes, the fuel stops were that far apart, and no, i wasn't carrying extra fuel at the time. that fuel can on the back was empty.

bone stock cop motor, no aftermarket tuners either. that's the recipe that has taken me out there and brought me back.
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