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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
The S12's will work....though they are a soft terrain (read sand) tire. You might look around for something intended more for harder terrain (softer compound) tire. My recollection of RWV is that it was fairly hard packed ground with a lot of loose stone and shale like rock.
Yep. it's a pretty broad mix of terrain. Anything with a knob spacing that will dig in the loose gravel that accumulates in the center of the road where the logging trucks don't pack it down.

maybe I should have said run whatever tire you are comfortable with. Nothing beats being confident when the bike is wiggling around under you.

If I learned anything from the 20 seconds I was able to hang with Bradway after he passed me(blew by like I wasn't moving really) last year it's that you make up the most time by braking later into the turns and getting back on the throttle sooner on the exit. Seems obvious but I mean really late and really agressive braking with both brakes. And there was something about body position... Damn can't remember...smoooth throttle...or...clutch and trail brake.....I should have practiced this a little this year..... maybe I didn't learn anything last year....

So any tire you think will let you do all that.
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