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Originally Posted by stevie88 View Post
What chaps my ass is the bullshit in your post. At most E-15 will ding you 5%, if you're getting 20 mpg on pure gas, you'll get 19 mpg on E-15. Hardly a back breaking reduction.

But you're not running pure gas now, are you? So the difference between E-10 and E-15 will be .33 mpg if you're still talking about that 20 mpg average.
You're talking math... Here are facts:
I can still find pure gas. One pump left next to the refinery. So when I go that direction I fill up there.
My 03 BMW RT on pure gas gets 49-52 mpg, on E-10 it gets 39-44 mpg. (x-x mpg are worst and best I have had after many fill-ups being recorded)
My 04 Tacoma on pure 22 mpg, on E-10 18 mpg (tha'ts average).

2001 BMW F650GS Dakar
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