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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
You and I have been on the same roads very recently.... however, while underway I'm terrible about stopping to take photos - I see a shot but I'd have to stop to get it and depending on the ride I might stop but I hate messing with the continuity or flow of a ride, every single time I get home I wish I had taken more pictures.....
and yes, you have a wonderful eye for beauty and even more rare is you posses the ability to capture it in a way that others dont see. It takes most people the course of their natural lives to look through the viewfinder and be able to create art - it appears you've already arrived there
Thank you for your kind praise. Everyone rides their own ride for their own reasons... many folks that I ride with are surprised to see what they missed along the way but I'm glad to take the time to see it and share it with them and others... I really enjoy it!

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You sir, know how to work a camera.
Originally Posted by danh600 View Post
You ma'am, know how to work a camera.
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fixed it for ya
Thanks, pasta... I get that a lot... dad thought I was gonna be a boy but even though the gender differed, he still liked the name so here I am!

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Amazing photos of killer roads! Good to see a large turnout for GaryJ's memorial; I didn't know him, but I learned a lot through his posts on BARF.
It was a beautiful memorial... Gary had wanted his ashes scattered in the hills that he loved to ride so much... so his wife, Jill, had small green vials each with a bit of his ashes... we were each asked to take a couple and help honor Gary's wish... so a few of the photos in the Santa Cruz Mtns. were spots that I stopped in his honor... he was a really great human being and would be your friend from the get go...
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