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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
I located and removed the brown/black wire from the harness clip itself - piece of cake when performed carefully but since the black plastic clip holds all the harness wires in the large white clip, I took pictures of wire locations in the clip just in case it all fell apart in my hands :)
- as per the instructions above and in the thread attached above, I plugged my gauge cluster back in, turned the ignition on and followed the calibration instructions

It seems to have worked for me - I unplugged my gauge cluster, plugged it back in and my newly entered value for my 19" wheel is its new default. I have not road tested it yet but I will soon and compare against GPS speed. If I find my indicated speed off reality, I will be able to easily pull over and adjust my settings on the fly.

Thanks everyone

Off to install my low beam HID into my Euro headlight now...then cut the throttle limiter wires for second and third gears then modify my license plate holder so it looks better and doesn't resemble a droopy penis :) then install my new KTM tank bag with the rear straps mounted to the underside of the seat instead of running down along my tanks and wrapping around the crash bars then ride :)
Hey Alon....

Can you please share the thread for the on how to bypass the the throttle limiter wires for the 2nd & 3rd gear. I had the thread somehere,but could not locate it.

Much appreciated ....

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