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Damn... missed you guys and you practically rode right by the house...

Originally Posted by MTDuke View Post

My plan was to ride from Polson MT (we were visiting family) and ride a dirt loop around to Polebridge, come back to the park and get as far as I could up the Going To the Sun Road. Actually, road closures this time of year limited all of the above but the ride up to the "Road Closed" signs was pretty cool.
Yep, stuff is moving to fully open only now. Again, sorry I missed all of the mentions of this trip and whatnot before. Could have told you of the closures and offered this as an alternative to add to your itinerary:

There are various options to the west of the North Fork road, including a quick jaunt up to the now-closed Trail Creek border crossing, paralleling the border through to the south end of trans-border Frozen Lake and then on to Eureka, etc. The one above would probably have fit most seamlessly with your timetable.

From West Glacier it was only a few miles to the start of the North Fork Road which we were planning to take up to Polebridge. I had heard about Polebridge a number of place off the grid.....hippie hangout.....awesome mercantile with bakery.....Saturday night prime rib at the saloon.....Etc... Seemed a great place to overnight after a day of riding but unfortunately the "Inside" North Fork Road was still closed.
The Mercantile gets a lot of press. Most of it accurate and well deserved, and prime rib is good enough that a core of their clientele are locals who make the drive up there just for Saturday night dinner. And the "ambiance", I suppose. Did you eat at the few tables inside, or outside at the picnic tables?

Most of the "hippies" you see at Polebridge are actually Neon Peons from the Whitefish/Columbia Falls/Kalispell area.

Get gas before you arrive!
Oh yeah... I definitely would have told you about that. Always fuel up in Whitefish/Columbia Falls/Glacier before heading out on that trip. My little WR250R can do the loop without fueling at Polebridge, so others shouldn't have any problem. I'm not sure whether they charge an extra $3/gallon to do a little gouging of the unprepared or as their way of saying they'd really rather not be bothered with gas - I do know it doesn't cost $3/gal for the tanker truck to make the short trip up there. I patronize both the Mercantile and the bar for food and wobbly pops, but I definitely have nothing to do with their fuel sales.

Was the beargrass in full bloom while you were up the NF, or were you a bit early? The peak is just now over, but about a week ago in some places there was so much it looked like snow. One of the best years for beargrass that I can remember.

If you do head up this way again this year, drop me a line if any of you are looking for local company or just general information. I'll make a bit of effort to get some of the other routes through the North Fork mapped up on as well.
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