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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I think you need more opinions. I get vertigo once/twice per year. Usually late winter. I notice it coming on when waking up and rolling over. I get the spins. I have fallen right on my face bending over to tie my shoes. I've had to grab desks and the walls when walking to the mens room in my office.

I could tell it was an inner ear thing/sinus thing, but I went to the doc anyway. She gave me something called IC Meclizine, which is a tiny pill. I am to take one or two 3x per day. It clears it up and after a couple days it does away.

When I have these spells I don't ride or even drive. But I can walk to my office so no biggie. This has been going on periodically for about 5 years. Flu season.

I'm going to see a inner ear specialist at the end of July. (The earliest I could get in) This has been going on 3 weeks straight for me and the ENT says he see's no sign of infection, he tried a steroid shot and a Diuretic but neither helped. Head and sinus CT were negative. The longer this continues the more it's looking like Meneries which seems to be a diagnosis based mainly on symptoms.
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