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Has basically been said, but can't hurt to add my three cents.

This whole thread weirds me out. Don't have cable TV but if we did I still probably wouldn't watch this show. If I did, I wouldn't come on a site dedicated to riding motorcycles and bitch about it. Nobody sat down and said "you know who we should make a TV show for? Those guys on!!!!! I know they don't ride motorcycles anyway so maybe they'd like to watch other people do it"

If you don't like what these people put together for you to watch... don't watch it?

All of you that came into this thread and complained about Morgan Bayfield Rides Ponies or whatever it is called should reflect on the fact that if your butt hadn't been planted on the couch watching TV, you could have had your butt planted on a motorcycle, riding somewhere. Maybe to an orphanage? Maybe to starbux, who gives a crap. Stop bitching, start riding.

Rant off.
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