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Originally Posted by ramjet View Post
Nice watercrossing. That's at Carnegie? Don't think I've run across that one. What trail was it on, if you recall?
The only water at Carnegie is down at the bottom and you're no longer allowed to ride through it.

Carnegie was almost shut down for good a few years ago when some environmentalists filed a lawsuit to protect some obscure species in the Central Valley that was supposedly being harmed by polluted runoff. It didn't matter that water only comes out of there for about 4 months of the year, and that nearly all of the pollution was from the north side of the road where Livermore Labs had tested all kinds of nasty chemicals.

Once the lawsuit was dismissed as frivolous, the people at Carnegie had to at least do their best to keep the offroad vehicles from adding more pollution to any runoff from the park. So when it's wet, those areas are all roped off and you'll get a ticket if you get caught riding in them.
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